Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New baby on scene

Veiled Reference with Alphabet Soup colt born last weekend in NY. Mare and foal doing well, out to stretch legs this morning.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hello? This thing on?

Ok, water cooler break over, I'm back at my station. Will spare you revisiting of my earlier posts on economic collapse (still think that stimulus was big enough?), and stick to the horses. Pic above of Nautical Agent's 2010 yearling (Disco Rico) just before getting on a van to South Carolina. She's a work in progress, but has some things going for her (good shoulder, covers some ground), which is all you can ask for at this stage of the game. Her older sister, Report Back (Gold Fever), is doing well, trying her best to fund the holidays here. Their younger brother, also by Disco Rico, is still in NY, living the charmed life of a weanling, filling his hours with play and good eats. That's him below as a baby, baby with Nautical Agent. Have to hunt around for some more recent pics. Mom is well, up to her usual tricks. Certainly as sweet as ever.

Veiled Reference still to the good, as well. Her Alphabet Soup weanling filly looks the part, and she's carrying another foal by the stud, due in April or May of next year. Baby shower plans to come together after the holidays, I think.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hi, Baby!

Nautical Agent with Disco Rico filly foaled last week. Mom and baby both well. Plotting to take trip up north for a visit in few weeks. Veiled Reference, in foal to Alphabet Soup about a month and half now, is coming down to NY from Canada shortly, so we'll be able to see her, too. I just hope NA and VR get on well enough. Would be hard to have family in-fighting at the farm.

Re: Kentucky Derby, have to shake head after scratch of favorite, Eskendereya. Zayat thought he'd be able to hold him together for resale after the big Wood win (after all, they did give him the extra week for the NY race, not the Derby), but poor colt came back so off that they couldn't even have him vetted for a sale. That must have been a fun call between Pletcher and Zayat..."Umm, yeah, don't bother driving up the ask price, Ahmed, can't even get him to the track." Where will Zayat get the $34M now? I'll have to see what I can dig up in the couch cushions.

Ice Box in the Derby, even though I never cared for Zito's act after his Strike the Gold win (not in video, but you get a little taste w/ his gesticulating). Lookin' at Lucky most likely winner. Will use him up and down in exotics.

Monday, March 8, 2010


Yep, the troops went for the proverbial last cigarette rather than come up with anything that might actually address fundamental challenges facing the industry. Like, how do we move toward more racing dates, and more horses bred in state? I know, let's cut dates instead and hand out over-inflated checks to Todd Pletcher. You don't think the NYRA crowd isn't making it clear to NY outfits that they'll have to play nice if they want to partake in the slots fun when Cuomo takes office? Those conversations aren't happening? Was really too easy for Christie; he gets the one-time pop in numbers at MP; racing officials buy another year; Atlantic City interests are satisfied (both dodging the slots issue AND helping w/ final nails in racing's coffin). The shame is that NJ horsemen were only too happy to take the one time shot of cash with little to regard to long-term consequences. "Great, let me ship my mares down to NJ to foal! Oh, wait, umm, guys? What's the plan for 2011, 2012, and 2013? Anything? Guys?"

Don't worry, folks, we have everything under control here.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

bad, bad signs

Had always heard noises about it, but this piece in Star Ledger not good news for the future of racing in NJ. Unless, of course, watching Pletcher pick up major cash w/ his C-string floats your boat. Cut to 71 days pretty much tells anyone even considering dropping a NJ-bred to forget about it. Sure, the top in-state outfits will do okay given their numbers, but the lower-level operations just won't have the chance to get out on their so-so stock. 71 days? In this day and age of 30-45 days between starts, how does that add up? Even with the meet spaced out, you're looking at significantly fewer opportunities to earn purses. Knock it down to 120 if you must, but be a little more creative than just buying into the nonsense sold by the trainers wintering down in Florida. Will be curious to see, too, how racing execs handle loss of income for those seasonal workers that make the MP meet go? Wonder if they'll step forward and take a 40% pay cut, too, all in the spirit of solidarity.

So, yeah, I'll ship in to chase NJSEA's purse money (if it can manage to stick around until '11), but you can bet that all the ancillary dollars (and open space) associated with my stock will stay out of state. Maybe even out of country, soon enough, given the state of affairs in NY, but you get the idea...

I guess curtains have been a long time coming for NJ racing. Still sad, though, to feel like final act just about to get underway.

Friday, December 4, 2009

"I'm getting bigger..."

Nautical Agent's Gold Fever baby up at Dutchess Views Farm in NY. She's coming along well, growing with each month. Will shoot up soon enough to see her in person. Nautical herself in good form. In foal to Disco Rico, which we're pretty psyched about.

Working on arrangements to ship Veiled Reference to Ontario. Not dodging any draft, just breeding her to Alphabet Soup. Yes, she's retired (sigh). No, I haven't written about it here. (I'm saving it for the book, okay?). She's doing really well, though. Currently at Bonita Farm in MD. She'll catch a van up north in the next few weeks. As you can tell w/ planned mating to Alphabet Soup, we're breeding a racehorse, baby, not something to look pretty on the page. Let's hope she takes to it like our girl, NA.